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Remote Desktop Access
Virtual server access from any Windows computer. Requires the Microsoft RDP Client (built-in to Windows 7 and higher).

Macbook user? Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App (current version 8.0.33) from the Apple App store!

Need to Print?
Install the UniPrint Client for Windows >>> 9294946980
Install the UniPrint Client for MAC >>> (601) 686-9138

The link below will prompt you to OPEN (preferred) or SAVE a Remote Desktop connection to your own computer (optional). You must have valid INC Research credentials for a successful login.

Remote Desktop (Employee / Regional CRA)
exchequer bill
Remote Desktop (Collaborative CRA)
(639) 920-8035
Remote Desktop (Analytics)
Remote Desktop (Argus)
(431) 295-3199

IT Service Desk - Contact Numbers
Choose your region and have your login account information available.

US & Canada: Toll free 1-866-899-0335

Latin America: +1 919-341-3285

EMEA: +44 1276-481-133

India: +91 124-464-2513

Asia-Pacific: +61 8-7202-1508

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